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Planning Maps - Site Plans and Location Plans

Local authority approved Planning Application Maps available from just £9

Getmapping offer a 'Planning Required' service that can quickly provide you with the site plan and location plan that you need for your planning application. 

Our planning maps are  Local Authority approved and are designed to satisfy the mapping requirements of the majority of UK Local Authorities when submitting a planning application. They can be centred on any location in England, Wales or Scotland and are delivered as a PDF via email.

All of our planning maps are are available within minutes through our download service available on our Planning Required website.

How to Buy Planning Maps

Our  Planning Required website provides two services for obtaining Local Authority approved planning application maps:
  1. The Simple 3-Step Map, is the fastest way on the internet for anyone to get hold of a planning map. You will also have an option to choose free aerial photography to accompany your planning application, simply tick the box on when choosing the correct scale map. Buy Now using our simple 3 step tool.

  2. The Editable Planning Map allows the user to annotate the planning map using quick and 'easy to use' online tools. It also features online storage so you will need to register and create an account with our website. Buy Now using our editable tools.

Through our two planning map services you can buy either a site plan or a location plan. These are available for purchase individually or as bundles at a discount.

Various scales are available:  1:200, 1:500, 1:1250 and 1:2500.



Suitable For

Download a Sample

1:200 Site Plan

32 x 32m

Close-up of a small area

1:200 Site Plan

1:500 Site Plan

80 x 80m

Close-up of particular area

1:500 Site Plan

1:1250 Location Plan

200 x 200m

Urban areas and small properties

1:1250 Location Plan

1:2500 Location Plan

400 x 400m

Rural areas and large properties

1:2500 Location Plan

If you need assistance in buying a planning application map then please call the Getmapping team on 01252 845 444. 

For information about submitting a planning map to your Local Authority read our Planning Required Best Practice Guide.

Local Authorities Planning Map Service

If you are a local authority that provides planning maps then we can create a specially designed planning map webpage so that your customers can access the maps through your site.  Please call +44 (0) 1252 845444 or email us at: if this is of interest to you.

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