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District Online - A GIS for Local Authorities

A Powerful Cloud Based GIS for District Councils

District Online is a powerful web-based GIS application. It can act as your organisations' primary web GIS, replacing any existing locally-hosted or hosted application.

It is hosted on the Getmapping Data Centre and can be accessed through any web browser. The service is maintained and continually updated by our team of geospatial web programmers. The application does not require any software installations by the customer as both District Online and its Admin Panel are accessed through the web.

Key Benefits

  • An unrestricted site licence, so all employees in all departments can have access to a web-GIS account. This increases data visibility and sharing within the organisation and gives you greater value for your GIS budget.

  • Employees can directly access District Online from anywhere in the World without connecting through VPN. This gives greater functionality when working off-site, whether it be at home or in the field on a mobile Internet connection.

  • The number of professional GIS licences can be reduced by switching the 'casual GIS users' over to District Online. This can have large cost-saving implications.

  • Remove the capital cost, maintenance, upgrade costs and support of your in-house servers that hold your Intranet web-GIS. District Online is stored securely in the cloud which means it is managed and completely scalable by us, without you incurring any additional costs.

Key Features

  • National coverage of layers such as Ordnance Survey MasterMap, Aerial Photography and Natural England data is loaded as standard in all District Online account. This means your users have access to more base mapping, and the GIS team do not need to negotiate the storage and integration of these large data sets.

  • Full Address Base Premium search capability. District Online has a powerful Address Base search tool which lets users get to the location on the map quickly. The address data is integrated as standard and is updated by Getmapping. Other search tools include OS Map References, Easting Northing, Latitude Longitude, and National Place Name, Street Name and Postcode area search. The address results can also be exported to CSV file.

  • Printing to PDF and PNG formats. Users can create digital documents at their chosen location and scale with their custom title and description. The tool automatically generates the important scale and copyright information.

  • Annotate the map using point, line, polygon and radius drawing tools. Annotations are saved on each users' account.

  • Measure lines and polygon areas using the measurement tool. The tool displays the measurement information as you digitise.

  • The Data Extraction tool lets users use polygons to export tabular information to CSV. This can be used to export lists of addresses or clusters of objects in GIS layers, e.g. exporting all the Listed Buildings for a chosen geographic area.
  • Branding: District Online is fully branded with customisable login pages, logo's and watermarks. 
  • New Features are being constantly developed, based on user feedback. Updates are made to the system on a regular basis.

Case Studies

Bath & North East Somerset Council

The GIS team at Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES) know that geospatial data is at the heart of everything that a Local Authority does; whether it be the route a gritting lorry takes, or understanding the demographics of their City.  They also understand that GIS is a strong enabler for joined-up working across departments, improving the ability to make informed decisions.  To be able to share GIS data over a dynamic organisation whilst adhering to home-working initiatives, a hosted Web GIS seemed most appropriate as their replacement for their existing Intranet GIS.

B&NES therefore subscribed to the Getmapping Integrated Solution (GMIS), which is the complete package of GIS modules; District Online and Parish Online hosted GIS, ISM spatial data management module, WMS and WFS data feeds for their MapInfo users, and Data Maintenance to ensure their aerial photography was regularly maintained.

Martin Laker (GIS Officer, B&NES) comments on the ease of using a hosted GIS solution ""We have over 300 people using District Online. It is stable and proving popular with our users. They like the speed and the fact that is is easy to learn".

B&NES have been using the Getmapping Integrated Solution since December 2010 and interest from other departments rapidly grew as they saw the benefits of sharing their data between colleagues.

Joint GIS at North East Derbyshire and Bolsover District Council

North East Derbyshire and Bolsover Councils share their GIS resources under a joint ICT partnership. This produces large savings for the two Local Authorities. In order to implement a Web GIS solution that worked for both authorities they needed to look at a modern GIS architecture that could fulfil their needs. The Getmapping Integrated Solution was able to fit the bill, and through Getmapping's Group District Discount, it proved cost effective as well.

Kristen O'Gorman, Senior GIS Officer commented: "It has enabled us to share geographic data across our Local Authorities. It fits in perfectly with our budget and joint ICT policy".

To Arrange a Free Trial of District Online

With no capital cost and an easy implementation process, and assistance from Getmapping's Spatial Data experts, you can be using your own fully branded Web GIS, cutting costs and improving efficiency across departments.

To trial District Online and for pricing information, call us on 01252 849440 or email

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