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Oblique aerial photography is fast becoming the new must have image product to complement vertical aerial photography which is now regarded by many as an essential information asset. Vertical photography however is only a 2D dataset and any 3D information content inherent in the individual photo frames is lost during the ortho-correction and mosaicing process. Oblique aerial photography on the other hand, when captured in a systematic way and combined with sophisticated viewing and measurement software tools, provides an easy route into the 3rd Dimension.

MultiVision is a sophisticated but easy-to-use oblique aerial imaging product that you can use on your desktop PC which offers a complete solution for the management and analysis of oblique aerial photos.

MultiVision provides the means to view the 3-dimensional space of the built and natural environment from your desktop

MultiVision allows the creation and extraction of 3D information from the oblique photos including phototextured 3D building models

MultiVision is a multi-perspective on-screen viewing and measurement tool that integrates oblique and vertical aerial photos in a single information system.

What is an Oblique aerial photo?
  • An aerial photograph taken with the camera at an angle of between 30° and 60° from the horizon.
  • multivision uses collections of overlapping oblique aerial photos captured systematically taken in four different directions
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